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Update 04 - 2N OS 2.34 + AC 2.2

Duration: 15min / Instant Access / Required for 2N Installer Certificate.

We will show you the new features of the 2N OS 2.34 and 2N Access Commander 2.2.

What will you learn?
2N OS 2.34: QR Entry Code, Privacy Masking, Automation Improvements, Answering Units Improvements (3 HTTP requests, Widescreen video, Manual Snapshot)
2N AC 2.2: Door Opening from Web Interface, QR Code Management, Email Templates Management, MFA and Time Profile, Core Settings in Web GUI
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  • 2N OS 2.34
  • 2N Access Commander 2.2
  • Short Survey
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Completion rules
  • ELEARNING: All units must be completed. WEBINAR: Attend the webinar session to complete the course.