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Update 11 - 2N OS 2.41 + AC 2.7 + 2N Clip + 2N IP Verso 2.0 (3A2)

Duration: 15min / Instant Access

We will show you the new features of the 2N OS 2.41 and 2N Access Commander 2.7. and introduce you our new products.

What will you learn?

2N OS 2.41:
QR codes enabling check
SIP account authentication changes
Enable/disable incoming call termination
Local RTSP stream URL generator
Automation improvements
Bluetooth Signal Range
IndoorView hotel mode
Diagnostics package

2N AC 2.7:
User list export
Assigning credentials to users in bulk

New products:
2N Clip
2N Verso 2.0
  • 2N OS 2.41 + AC 2.7 + 2N Clip + 2N IP Verso 2.0
  • Short Survey
  • Learn more
Completion rules
  • ELEARNING: All units must be completed. WEBINAR: Attend the webinar session to complete the course.